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Alfresco Kitchens Perth
January 8, 2019

After the last whistle blows and the streamers are all over the floor, Alfresco kitchens in Perth have stood the test of the family Christmas get together, warts and all.

The last whistle has been blown, some soggy streamers are dangling from the “Rudolph…

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Alfresco Kitchens Perth
December 21, 2018

Here we go again, with christmas just a couple of sleeps away and now you have been informed that you will be having unexpected extras for Christmas lunch.

When you have a Flexi alfresco kitchen, there is no need to panic, it is…

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Alfresco Kitchens
November 26, 2018

In days gone by, Christmas lunch was usually prepared for the family by our ever loving mums who slaved away in very hot Perth kitchens.

There she was, getting up early in the morning with the sparrows, to get the ham into the oven, and all those veggies to scrub…

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Alfresco Kitchens Perth
November 19, 2018

Life becomes so much more fun when you invest in an outdoor outdoor kitchen in Perth.

Alfresco living is the ideal way for most people to get the most out of the beautiful climate we enjoy here in Australia.

We all love spending time with family and friends on the weekend…

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Alfresco Kitchens Perth
November 13, 2018

As we approach the festive season we start to think about all those traditional summer barbies with family and friends on the back patio.

Are you starting to cringe at the thought of all the work involved for you with catering to the needs of all those hungry guests?

Yes it…

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