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Flow Through Entertaining With Alfresco Kitchens In Perth

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Alfresco Kitchens Perth

With the addition of alfresco kitchens in homes today, entertaining is so much easier.

Recently I attended an engagement party at a tiny townhouse on the city outskirts.

I was amazed to see how easily over 40 people were able to move freely from the modest living area to the outdoors, onto beautiful timber decking complimented with a gorgeous alfresco kitchen.

With creative garden lighting and soft music, the scene was set and the mood was relaxed as everyone was able to enjoy the celebrations under the evening sky.

The clever design was created to allow for optimal use of a limited space, resulting in a simply stunning setting for a formal occasion.

Alfresco Kitchens For Outdoor Living

Whether you are planning a formal celebration at home, or you enjoy entertaining your family and friends, consider adding the Alfresco factor with a smart outdoor kitchen, and take things outdoors.

Aussies love the outdoor lifestyle, whether it’s a barbie or cooking up a catch of prawns, food always seems to taste better outdoors.

Flexi Alfresco Kitchens In Perth

The team at Flexi kitchens in Perth, are experts in clever outdoor kitchen design and are always happy to chat with customers about the various design options available for their customer’s particular needs.

Flexi Kitchens are one of Perth’s most trusted teams when it comes to designing, building and installing your dream outdoor kitchen, and now they are offering a range of stunning, ready-to-install quality, Alfresco Kitchens.

Ideal for the WA lifestyle, outdoor Flexi Alfresco kitchens are the perfect way to enhance your property.

Choose to DIY install or have their local team of kitchen experts professionally install your new outdoor kitchen design for you.

Choose from a range of stylish, European-made models with customisable features such as:

Each Flexi Alfresco Kitchen design comes with:

For more information contact the team on 08 9301 4200, and get ready for some great nights in!

May 27, 2019