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Time For Kitchen Renovations In Perth With Baby On The Way

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Now that there is a baby on the way, it is the perfect time to do those much needed kitchen renovations in your Perth home.

Most new mums are so excited buying tiny outfits, collecting all the bits and bobs that go into decorating the nursery, not forgetting about the various pieces of baby furniture that are needed as well.

As much as we love these precious little additions to our family, they are very hard work for most of us.

We can make things a little easier on ourselves with some advance preparation in the two other rooms in your home that you will be spending a lot of your time in, after bub arrives.

Of course the laundry will be an open shop with sanitising buckets, for all the blankets and bibs that get goop on them, separate wash loads for baby delicates, soaker for soiled linen etc, an organised laundry is a time saver in any modern home.

The kitchen, surprisingly will be another area that if organised to be practical and efficient, will make life a lot easier for those of you who need to prepare baby formula while baby is hangry and making impatient noises, not to mention your better half laying there pretending to be asleep through all that comotion.

Oh dear, and of course bub will want a toilet break as well, oops too late it’s everywhere!

It is tough trying to find things in the kitchen cupboards in the early hours of the morning when you are half asleep with bleary eyes.

What you need is a super duper kitchen which can serve also as a “Feed n Go station” for baby.
That’s right, with careful design and planning your kitchen can easily become the room where you can take your little “cherub” at anytime of the day or night to feed and bath, without disturbing anyone else.

Flexi Kitchen Renovations Perth

The design team at Flexi are very experienced in planning custom kitchens for their customers who have specific requirements. All you have to do, is tell them what you need and let them do the rest.

Flexi come to you at your home, look at your current kitchen space and with all their hi tech digital gizmos, they are able to design the perfect kitchen for you.
If you need a “Feed n Go” station, Flexi are the ones to make it happen.

Just imagine a wonderful kitchen which has everything you need close at hand to care for your bub.

Imagine a designated area to store all the baby paraphernalia, a special hutch for bottle steriliser, warmer and bottle washing items.

If you are planning to bottle-feed, you’ll need bottles, teats and dummies.

If you are planning on breastfeeding, then you might want to think about a breast pump if you plan to express milk.

Of course you will need to have a good size kitchen work bench with the right sized kitchen sink set into it. The kitchen sink will then double as a little bath and then allowing plenty of room to the side of the sink to double as a change table.

The fact, is you can bathe a newborn in the kitchen sink or laundry tub, so long as it’s safe and clean.

If you want more info on how to get the most out of your kitchen renovations in Perth, contact Flexi on (08) 9301 4200.

March 30, 2018