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Kitchen Design Ideas For A House With An Outdated Kitchen

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To Design A Kitchen For Your Home

At Flexi Kitchens we have lots of home kitchen design ideas for your next renovation!

We see many home owners who buy the worst house in the best street, because they realise that this is a great way to increase their home equity. Whilst most of the living areas in the home can be revamped with new paint and flooring, the kitchen usually needs much more than a coat of paint on the walls. In most cases, the entire kitchen needs to be ripped out and sent to the tip. Clever kitchen design and smart kitchen storage design is the key.

This is where your kitchen design ideas come to the fore, because some of the savings you make buying a fixer-upper, can be invested into your new kitchen design.

Kitchen Design Ideas For Your New Home

There are a number of factors you need to think about, before you actually pick your new kitchen. Are you happy with the existing space for the kitchen? If you are gutting the kitchen, then you have the freedom to really go to town with your kitchen design ideas and increase the kitchen space. So think about how you want to use your kitchen – whether you want a breakfast bar or room for a kitchen table and chairs or even an open plan kitchen that leads straight into the family room

How much bench kitchen space do you need?

If you have a large family or you are a gourmet cook, you might want a large expanse of kitchen work surfaces in your new kitchen design. So think about the space you currently have for your kitchen design and whether or not you need to expand that kitchen space to accommodate more kitchen bench tops.

How much kitchen storage do you need?

Do you want a walk-in kitchen pantry or are you happy with a slide out pantry module? What about deep kitchen drawers for your pots and pans and a large cupboard for all of your kitchen appliances?

You need to consider where you will  locate your large kitchen appliances. Do you want a wall oven or a standalone oven and kitchen stove in your new home kitchen design. Where will the kitchen sink, dishwasher and kitchen fridge be located? Do you want a separate wine or drinks fridge in the kitchen?

Kitchen Power Points

You need new kitchen electrical power points to ensure all your kitchen appliances are serviced. If you are gutting the kitchen, now is the time to add in extra kitchen power points, particularly when your new kitchen design needs the reposition of large kitchen appliances. It is always easier to have a kitchen design that includes kitchen power point close to where you will use your kitchen appliances, so you don’t have power cords draped along kitchen bench tops in your home. A good kitchen design will consider kitchen safety as well as kitchen function.

With all of these kitchen design ideas, you should have no problem renovating your old, outdated kitchen. Be happy in a gorgeous new kitchen that you design with the help from the experts in modern kitchen design.

So contact Flexi Kitchens on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form and we will come out and help you to renovate your new kitchen.

January 7, 2016