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The Most Functional Kitchens In Perth

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Functional Family Kitchens Perth

Kitchen designs and trends for your home come and go. Styles change, but there are always certain home kitchen elements that stand the test of time. In your home, the kitchen is the hub of family life. The kitchen is a place where you prepare family meals. The kitchen is where the family congregates together and where you spend a lot of time entertaining with friends.

Clever Kitchens In Perth

With a clever kitchen design you can have it all. You don’t have to have a huge space, you just need clever design ideas. Entertaining can be easy with the right kitchen design for your family living needs. Casual dining or formal dining? How many cabinets do you actually needing your kitchen? Maybe a modern island breakfast bar?  Do you need to put furniture in your kitchen?

Make sure you address each of the following elements and you will have a kitchen design that will be the envy of everyone.

The Family Friendly Kitchens Perth

As the most important room of the family home, kitchens need to incorporate function, flow and family. The kitchen design needs to suit your family living and lifestyle. There are so many kitchen design options.

Kitchen Plan


A kitchen layout must not only look good, but it must be functional. So look at your kitchen space and plan where you want your kitchen work triangle (sink, stove and refrigerator) to be situated. Once you have made this decision, you know the size and shape of the remaining wall and floor space.

Worktop space


You need ample kitchen work benches for food preparation and to set down appliances, pots, dishes and plates etc., and close to the stove, sink, oven and the microwave. Sufficient kitchen bench space is vital to a fully functioning kitchen, so dont overlook this requirement when you are searching for kitchens in Perth.

Plenty of storage


Do you have enough space for a walk-in pantry? Do you need a sliding pantry that pulls out of the wall or do you prefer large open shelves? Whatever your kitchen space, you need to optimise every inch of storage in your kitchen. We create the perfect kitchen for your family with the maximum amount of storage space available.



The kitchen flooring needs to be durable and easy to keep clean. Many people opt for tiles or laminate flooring, because both are hard wearing and look great. Dont forget that laminate doesnt like to get wet, so be careful if you are considering laying this in your kitchen area.



A clever kitchen will always include lots of lighting for general tasks, as well as for specific tasks. So think about overhead lighting and task lighting for preparing food or for using appliances on the benches.



With the kitchen splashbacks you can let your personal style take over and go for tiles, stainless steel or glass. There are lots of options for your kitchen splashback and many people find this the hardest element to nail down.

So if you want a great kitchen in Perth, why not contact us at Flexi Kitchens and we can help you combine your ideas with these design elements to create the perfect kitchen for your family.  

Call us on 08 9301 4200 and we will come out and help you to design your brand new kitchen.

October 6, 2016