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Cooking Up A Storm In Our Perth Kitchens

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A great idea for doing something fun with the kids at home that does not involve spending a lot of money and eating junk food, is to cook up a storm in your kitchens in Perth.

There are some great recipes that you and your kids can create in your kitchen together.

This is a fun way of teaching them how to cook in the kitchen without using a microwave oven.

Kids In Perth Cooking In Our Kitchens

Pizza is always an easy one for them to start with and then of course nachos and salads.

These popular dishes are easy and are a good way to help them learn about healthy food options.

Pizza cooked using a flatbread base, fresh tomatoes, capsicum, red onion, fresh parsley and basil leaves is delicious and healthy.

When making nachos, plain unsalted corn chips are best.  Using warm refried beans mixed with some flavourful salsa is a great base to stand the corn chips into. Sprinkle with some grated cheese before baking for a few minutes to melt the cheese.

Served with a dob of natural yoghurt and some shredded lettuce, diced fresh tomatoes and red onion slices. Yummo and still a healthy option.

The salads can be an exciting time for the kids in the kitchen at home.

You can place lots of fresh veggies, fruit and nuts on your kitchen work bench, and then let them go for it. They may surprise you with some of their menu ideas. They may choose to move away from the old lettuce, tomato and cucumber salads and present you with a wonderfully exotic culinary delight.

Little chefs in your kitchen having a fun time while learning valuable skills is always a winner.

It makes sense to have a kitchen design at home that is family friendly. A family friendly kitchen design will make it a breeze to have fun in the kitchen with the kids.

 How Many Cooks Can You Fit In Your Kitchen?

The main requirement is that you have a large enough work area or kitchen bench top. If you do not have a large bench top you may need to use the kitchen table.

If you need to make a few changes to your current kitchen design at home, a simple kitchen renovation is easier than you think.

With a large work area you and your children can stand comfortably and prepare their dishes.

Having plenty of room to move about makes everything so much easier and safer.

We don’t want anyone tripping over while carrying their dishes.

Kid Safe Kitchens In Perth

If the design of your kitchen is dated and cramped it could be time for a kitchen renovation.

There is no better time than now. Talk to the experts and get some advice on how to create a family friendly functional kitchen.

Flexi Kitchens in Perth are the people to call. They have been designing and installing custom made furniture for WA homes since the turn of the century.

Speak to one of our team today and find out how easy it is to have a brand new kitchen that is perfect for you and your little chefs.

Call Flexi Kitchens us now on (08) 9301 4200.


April 3, 2017