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The Post Christmas Kitchen

How did your kitchen stand up to having everyone over at Christmas? Was it as big and as functional as you would like it to be? Most of us love entertaining, but many kitchens in Perth homes are just too out-dated and unorganised to function well when we have lots of people over for dinner.

Maybe the style of kitchen you thought was big enough most of the year, felt really cramped with so many people in your home at Christmas? Another big problem in many Perth kitchens is a lack of kitchen bench space, which is particularly noticeable when you have a large dinner party or celebration to prepare in your kitchen.

On top of that, people like to congregate in the kitchen and with a lack of kitchen bench space, everyone is on top of one another and you don’t have enough elbow room to prepare your food comfortably.

Other problems in lots of Perth kitchens include nowhere to put the microwave, so it is plonked on top of the kitchen fridge, the freezer is delegated to the laundry and the kitchen tidy bin sticks out like a sore thumb.

Don’t forget that you would just love a dishwasher, but there isn’t enough space under the kitchen bench and you don’t have a decent kitchen pantry or even enough storage space. So it is time to treat yourself to a brand new Perth kitchen, which will not only make your life so much easier, but will also increase the value of your home should you sell in the next few years.

What Our New Design Perth Kitchens Offer You

All of our quality Perth  kitchen renovations are created by experienced professionals. The kitchen designs are  then constructed by master craftsmen in Perth, so we will come into your home and create a customised kitchen, tailored to suit your family’s needs. There is no point in having a new kitchen unless you have quality kitchen finishes and the latest stylish colour schemes, as well as lots of fabulous kitchen bench space. Kitchen renovations in will transform your Perth home, increasing the market value while giving you the benefits of a well organised clever kitchen layout. The family home needs a kitchen that is family friendly, functional and fabulous.

Depending on the space you have available for your new Perth kitchen renovations, we can add a walk-in kitchen pantry, a kitchen breakfast bar for casual meals and design kitchen storage cabinets right up to the ceiling. The functionality of Perth kitchens is all in the design and we have been designing Perth kitchens for many years – so we can give you exactly what you want in kitchen renovations and keep it within your budget as well.

The greater your kitchen budget, the more high end the kitchen finishes are of course, but whatever your budget, you will have all the functionality you require in your new kitchen.

So if you are fed up with your old, out-dated and cramped Perth kitchen, contact Flexi Kitchens on 08 9301 4200 or contact us by completing our online enquiry form and we will come out and design you a fabulous new kitchen.

January 14, 2016