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How To Bring Your Kitchen Design Ideas To Life

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There are so many wonderful design ideas for kitchens in magazines, display homes and on TV, that when it comes time to design your own new kitchen, you can be completely lost.

This is why it is essential to bring in the experts at the very start of your kitchen project, so that you have someone to bounce ideas around with and to come up with a plan that suits your family, your lifestyle and your budget.

Kitchen Design

With clever kitchen design ideas, you really can have what you want and still stay within your budget, all it takes is a little forethought and a professional team on your side. Your new kitchen however, is going to start with you writing a list of everything you want.

Tips For easy Living

Let’s think about what you need for easy and living. The best way to make a list of everything that is not negotiable. What are the items and appliances that you refuse to do without?

Your non-negotiable list: These items might include a beautiful deep butcher’s sink, soft closing cabinet doors and drawers, a built in coffee maker, a dishwasher or even deep shelving for your appliances. When you have your non-negotiable list then you need to mark your top 3 items on this list.

These are the things that you MUST have and even though you have other items on your non-negotiable list, you might be willing to give up some of these items for ones on your next list.

Your negotiable list: This is a list of the kitchen ideas it would be nice to have, but you won’t lose sleep if you can’t have them. The reason you have two lists is because you can mix and match from these lists and make trade-offs.

For example, item number 4 on your non-negotiable list might be a warming oven, but with your favourite kitchen layout, there is no room for this appliance. However, there is room for the three bar stools you have on your negotiables list, so you decide to make the trade, because wall space is a limiting factor in your kitchen.

The Perfect Kitchen

These are the type of decisions that will give you a fabulous kitchen and when you have these two lists on hand, Flexi Kitchens can help you to optimise your space and cram as much as possible into your budget.

So if your head is filled with wonderful kitchen design ideas, jot all of these down on paper and give us a call at Flexi Kitchens on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

June 22, 2016